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Meet two of the first gay parents to foster-to-adopt in Florida

Couples like Daniel Nurse and his husband, Casanova, a thirtysomething couple from Tallahassee, Florida, are inspiring. Together since 2006 and married on Valentine’s Day of this year, Danny has taken on the Florida House Judiciary Committee (testimony against anti-gay adoption, i.e., Bill 7111), biased caseworkers and even an attorney who initially (and illegally) refused to represent them during adoption proceedings, and have successfully adopted three beautiful children into their loving home. The process was not easy for them, and they admit to moments of difficulty and even self-doubt. However, they persevered and can say that they were among the first same-sex couples to foster-to-adopt in Tallahassee.

In 2010, Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals struck down a 1977 law banning adoption by gay parents, declaring it unconstitutional. Danny and Cas were among the very first to subsequently apply for fostering.

In Daniel’s words, they “may face issues, ridicule, embarrassment, but it is all worth it to be able to give back and provide a loving and committed family for those that would not otherwise have one.” This is a common theme among foster-to-adopt families, perhaps even more so among same-sex couples who have faced struggles for the opportunity to raise children. Nonetheless, this family is a heartening inspiration for all of us to reflect upon. Their candle of inspiration will, hopefully, be used to inspire the flame of other candles yet to be.

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