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LGBTQ family farm included on “Most Innovative Women List”

Fortune and Food & Wine have named Jennifer Johnson and her wife Serafina Palendech as two of the Most Innovative Women in Food and Wine.

The couple and their daughter Rubyrose live on their family farm, in Sebastopol, California. Like many mothers, Palendech and Johnson wanted to feed their four-year-old food they felt good about. But unlike other moms, they turned that desire into a growing business that is now on hundreds of shelves across the country.

Products from Hip Chick Farms don’t include starch, salt, or water fillers, and this is a rarity among chicken items in supermarkets. The conscientious moms are also careful about their ingredient sourcing, making sure they know how the poultry has been treated from day one. This is important for anyone interested in karma. The company was founded in 2013 by Palandech and Johnson.

Jennifer Johnson is a chef with 25 years of experience. She has prepared food for the likes of President Barack Obama and spent nearly a decade as a chef with Alice Waters at acclaimed California restaurant Chez Panisse.

via Fortune.com and Food And Wine