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GOProud co-founder endorses Clinton

A gay former Republican who co-founded the now defunct gay conservative group GOProud is endorsing Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Jimmy LaSalvia, author of “No Hope” and political commentator who has bolted the Republican Party, declared his support for Clinton as “an independent voter and former GOP activist” in an op-ed for the Huffington Post.

“The ability to empathize with people who aren’t like they are is the most important trait a president can have in a country as diverse as ours,” LaSalvia writes. “Clinton is the only major contender who has demonstrated that ability.”

As a gay activist, LaSalvia said “any candidate who advocates treating some Americans differently under the law is unacceptable,” adding Clinton is the only candidate to fit that mold.

“I don’t support denying rights or granting special rights to anyone, for any reason, whether it’s based on their religion, race, sexual orientation, cultural background, or any other characteristic,” LaSalvia writes. “Freedom means freedom for everyone, no matter who you are. Hillary Clinton knows that and her policies reflect her understanding of that ultimate definition of America.”

LaSalvia said he disagrees with Clinton on a number of issues, but “no free-thinking American agrees with their candidate on every issue.”

LaSalvia announced his departure from the Republican Party in 2014, saying the Republican has become inhospitable to LGBT people and his switched his voter registration to “no party.”