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New Mormon baptism policy means these dads could be excommunicated

The Mormon Church’s new policy states that any Mormon in a same-sex marriage is considered to be in apostasy, and any children who live primarily in a home with same-sex parents are not eligible for baptism.

Three of Paul and husband Ric’s four children have already been baptized into the LDS church. But their youngest, Morgan, turns 8 next year and was preparing for his baptism at a church near their home in East Greenbush, N.Y., a suburb of Albany.

Under the new policy, Morgan won’t be allowed to partake in the rite until he turns 18, and even then, he’d have to disavow his fathers.

“This tears our family apart,” said Ric, 47.

The new policy means Paul, a lawyer, and Ric, a stay-at-home dad, could be excommunicated, too. The couple have been together for 19 years. They celebrated a commitment ceremony in 1999 and were legally married on Jan. 9.

Hundreds of active and inactive Mormons have tendered their resignations in recent weeks in protest over last month’s policy, and more resignations are likely.

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