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New parents spend a lot more of their day on Facebook than non-parents

Fresh data shows that young parents have become best friends with their mobile gadgets. Parents now spend 1.3 times more of their day on Facebook mobile than non-parents, according to a new Facebook study that analyzed internal data after partnering with Ipsos Media to survey 1,000 US participants.

In the U.S., new parents spend one and a half times more of their day on Facebook mobile than their friends without kids. New parents’ posts about their babies get 37% more interactions from relatives, and 47% more interactions from friends than do parents’ general posts.

New dads and moms may start their first mobile session as early as 4 a.m., while a full 56% of new parents are recording their first Facebook mobile sessions by 7 a.m.

New parents post two and a half times more status updates, three and a half times more photos, and 4.2 times more videos than non-moms, according to Facebook’s internal data analysis. They engage more with parental topics than other types of shared content.

Millennial parents are using their mobile devices to research and buy products for their families. A full 53% of these young moms say that mobile devices help them be better consumers when making purchases, compared to 42% of Gen X moms and 29% of Boomer moms.

via MediaPost