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Target continues to embrace diversity and inclusion

CNBC interviewed Target’s CEO Brian Cornell and discussed the company’s liberal stance against discriminatory laws like North Carolina’s HB2. Target is experiencing a boycott by an anti LGBTQ conservative organization called American Family Association. It’s reported that AFA has 1.2 million signatures on its petition – people pledging to not shop at Target stores because of the retail chain’s pro-LGBTQ position.

Brian Cornell is not only unabashed and unapologetic about his company’s support of transgender and pro-LGBTQ rights, he doubles down on the decision with no indication of changing his mind. Cornell adds that Target has always been about diversity.

Cornell says, “We’ve had a long history of embracing diversity and inclusion. A couple of weeks ago, I had one of our team members send me a note reminding me that if we went back to the mid sixties, our company was one of the very first to use African-American models in their advertising. And back then, it wasn’t well received. We had a lot of tough feedback, but sitting here today, we know we made the right decision. And I certainly recognize that the stance we took, which, by the way, was very similar to many of our retail peers, has received quite a bit of feedback and as a company we’re constantly listening. So we listen to our guests, we listen to our team members.”