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How about these 12 kids’ books that feature LGBTQ parents?

With same-sex families on the rise, it’s nice to see them portrayed in all forms of media. To continue normalizing same-sex families, Huffington Post Canada offers these 12 gorgeous books featuring LGBTQ parents. These beautiful stories will teach kids that love makes a family.

  • ABC: A Family Alphabet Book
    By Bobbie Combs

    This sweet book celebrates LGBTQ families by showing them doing everyday things – all while teaching kids the alphabet.

  • The Different Dragon
    By Jennifer Bryan

    This beautiful, imaginary tale features same-sex parents and shows kids that this type of family is perfectly normal. In the story, a boy named Noah asks one of his moms to make up a bedtime tale about him, his cat Diva and a dragon!

  • Mommy, Mama and Me
    By Lesléa Newman

    This touching book illustrates a regular day in the life of same-sex families. Specifically, this book shows a toddler spending the day with his two moms. Author Lesléa Newman also has a version for same-sex dads called Daddy, Papa and Me.

  • Families, Families, Families!
    By Suzanne Lang and Max Lang

    This adorable book uses animals to show kids that families come in all different shapes and sizes.

  • And Tango Makes Three
    By Marsha Rakestraw

    This is the true story of two male penguins, Roy and Silo, from Central Park Zoo who create a nontraditional family after the zoo gives them an egg to hatch. This heartwarming story proves that love makes a family.

  • The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher
    By Dana Alison Levy

    This is the story of two dads and their four adopted sons who get into all sorts of trouble. This wonderful book is all about family and how everyone makes mistakes.

  • A Tale of Two Daddies
    By Vanita Oelschlager

    This simple tale answers all the questions young kids have about same-sex families. In the story, two kids are playing and one explains to the other how she has two dads – a Daddy and Poppa. From the sweet and simple conversation, kids learn that having two dads is not that different from have two parents of the opposite sex.

  • Donovan’s Big Day
    By Lesléa Newman

    Donovan’s two moms are getting married and he is the ringbearer. This story shows the excitement of the big wedding day from the child’s perspective.

  • One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dad
    By Johnny Valentine

    This fun, rhyming book is about two kids – one with two blue dads and one with a traditional family. After comparing their families, the kids realize that having two dads is not that different from having one. This book is also great for highlighting diversity in families.

  • The Purim Superhero
    By Elisabeth Kushner

    This is a beautiful story about finding your own individuality. Nate wants to dress up as an alien for the Jewish holiday Purim, but his friends are going as superheroes instead. With the help of his two dads, Nate figures out a way to fit in and stand out at the same time.

  • Everywhere Babies
    By Susan Meyers

    This board book is all about babies and the adorable things that they do. While the story has nothing to do with same-sex families, we love that this book includes them in the images, along with other illustrations of diverse family types for kids to see.

  • This Day in June
    By Gayle E. Pitman

    This fun read introduces kids to the LGBTQ community by showing them what the pride parade is all about. This book illustrates kids and parents at the parade and teaches kids about gender identity, acceptance and respect.

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