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Lego Batman and ‘pro-gay propaganda’

The editor of a right-wing website warned readers to “beware” of The Lego Batman Movie, as it “promotes gay adoption” and other LGBT rights causes.

The editor in chief of LifeSiteNews, John-Henry Westen, is accusing the new film of seeking to “indoctrinate the little ones” to the gay agenda.

“It was chock full of pro-gay propaganda,” Westen wrote in his review. “Think the sexual innuendo of the Flintstones minus the real humor. It seemed the creators were so anxious to subtly indoctrinate the little ones into the gender ideology that making it humorous came as a distant second thought.”

As evidence, Westen points to a piece in PJ Media that outlines storylines with “subliminal (and potentially powerful)” messages. For example, in legoventures, there is a running gag that Robin, after being adopted by billionaire Bruce Wayne, believes he has “two dads.” (Batman, not wanting to reveal his secret identity to his new charge, convinces the youth he has joint custody with Wayne.)

Moreover, the main plot centers around the emotionally aloof superhero’s unwillingness to love — or hate — others. The Joker, pining for Batman’s hatred, plots an elaborate scheme to win his attentions. The PJ Media writer, Michael Hamilton, termed their relationship a “he-ro-mance” of “star-crossed dudes.”

via The Advocate