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Moms win adoption case after Catholic birth parents opposed

Biological parents of a four-year-old in New South Wales, Australia attempted to block her adoption by two moms because they opposed – due to their Catholic faith.

The child was in the care system after being taken away from her bio-mother who had a long history of drug abuse. The woman also had been convicted of manslaughter of her 7-month-old son several years prior.

The two moms have had the girl in their care since she was six months old and began proceedings to legally adopt her, however the bio-mom opposed this because the parents did not commit to raising the child as a Catholic.

The lesbian couple said they did not want to follow the religion because of it’s opposition to homosexuality.

The judge in the case ruled that while cultural and religious traditions should be preserved as far as possible, they should not impact on the child’s wellbeing.

via Pink News