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Children’s rights organizations urge Australians to vote “yes” on same-sex marriage

Australian Council of Social Services, Save the Children, Early Childhood Australia, Relationships Australia and Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand released a statement saying “every child deserves equal rights”.

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“This isn’t a child rights issue per se … but it does have implications on children both in terms of their future rights, and their psychosocial health in terms of how the debate is carried out,” Save the Children acting CEO Mat Tinkler said. “It can very quickly descend into a scenario where children who belong to a particular type of family feel devalued or isolated.” Mr. Tinkler stated that his organization had weighed in on the issue because it “stands up for the rights of children all over the world”.

“The fact that there is a very public debate around sexual orientation, sexual preference, has the capacity to bring out difficult emotions and feelings in young people that they can’t always deal with themselves. It is important they are supported.”

The statement comes amid prolonged debate about what same-sex marriage might mean for Australian children.

The “no” campaign frequently invokes children in its arguments, saying that same-sex marriage will be harmful by stripping children of the right to a mother and a father.

Sam Page, the CEO of Early Childhood Australia, said: “We don’t accept that argument.”