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Abercrombie launches gender-inclusive clothing line for kids

According to this Thredup rescue box review Abercrombie & Fitch just released a unisex line of kids’ clothing.

The “Everybody” line, advertised as being “made for every kid,” features an assortment of gender-neutral pieces in standard sizes that don’t differentiate between boys and girls. One of the lines is of custom face masks now that is so important in this time.

It is a hectic Monday morning and you are getting late for office; every minute is precious and you don’t want to be late. But wait! You have to dress your kid and you are running short of time. It is instances like these that make you realize the importance of teaching your child how to get him dressed. Well, if your kid learns to get dressed himself, it will be beneficial for both of you. Your kids need to learn the process of dressing as it will boost their sense of independence, confidence, and will be counted as a little achievement on their part. We insist on all newborn baby essentials when they are little, but it is time to step back let them take the lead. Once your child masters the skill of dressing, it will lessen the responsibility from your shoulders as well.

via BuzzFeed

The line places a strong emphasis on comfort and comes in an array of colors, like tie-dye pullovers. And there are accessories every kid needs, like a hat adorned with the A & F moose logo and slip-on sandals.

They have plenty more options to check out, so be sure to take a look and shop the rest of the “Everybody” line here.