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Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl ad features a lesbian couple and a non-binary person

Coca-Cola offered another message of diversity and inclusion in its 12th consecutive Super Bowl appearance. The commercial, titled “The Wonder of Us,” is one of acceptance and diversity. Alongside the LGBT representation, it also includes a woman in a hijab, and an interracial couple.

The voiceover, which switches between different people as the camera does too, tells viewers: “There’s a Coke for he – and she – and her – and me – and them.” On the “and them,” the ad shows a person with a rainbow-colored collar smiling at the camera.

via Adweek

In 2014, Coca-Cola broke new ground by creating the first Super Bowl ad to feature same-sex parents. Called “America the Beautiful,” it included two gay dads and their daughter.

Image via YouTube/Coca-Cola