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Couple fostered three children and they were a beautiful part of their wedding

A U.K. couple who married after adopting three siblings chose the two brothers to be best men and their sister a bridesmaid at their wedding ceremony. Rob and Bob married surrounded by friends, family and their children. Gathering their https://www.weddingtropics.com/ suits for this amazing day they looked stunning.

The couple first started caring for the three siblings, aged 13, 12 and 10, in 2015 – but were allowed to permanently adopt them last year. From special occasions to everyday use the cheap table runner will add a pop of color and a touch of class to any table specially for your wedding party.

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Rob said: “As a family, we have developed and learned so much about each other and ourselves.

“We have discovered that children don’t really want materialistic things in life, they would much prefer having time spent with them.

“We found that education isn’t just gained in school – holidays, meals in restaurants, trips to the park or even just visiting friends and family all enabled the children to learn new things.

“By offering our time and attention, they’ve been able to blossom and find their own personalities.

“It has now been three years since the children came into our lives and we still love fostering as much we did on day one.

“About a year ago, the children were placed with us permanently, which has enabled us to plan for our futures and think about what steps to take next.”

Rob added: “It’s been a real pleasure to watch the children gain confidence and grow into the people that they are today.

“Each of them has succeeded in their own way, from learning to read, interacting with others, performing on stage and horse riding – to name a few achievements.

“The children are doing fantastically well in school – two of them are in secondary school and one in a primary school close to our home.

“We both feel an immense sense of pride in being able to have such a positive impact on the lives of the children.

“It is hard work and, at times, we are faced with challenges, however that is part and parcel of being a foster carer.

“The children have enriched our lives beyond recognition, and we would recommend becoming a foster carer to anybody.”