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“Beyond I Do” campaign highlights discrimination of LGBT Americans

Three years ago, Jami and Krista brought their then six day old newborn child to a local pediatrician in Oak Park, Michigan. They were surprised when a different doctor walked into the room. Asking where they’re regular doctor was, they were told, “I’m going to be your doctor, your doctor prayed on it and decided she won’t see you all today.”

via WXYZ Detroit

“It was horrifying and humiliating and we just kept thinking god she’s 6 days old and she’s already experiencing discrimination,” said Krista.

“We spoke to other people and they would say well they can’t do that… that’s not legal and we looked into it and it was legal,” Jami told local news source WXYZ.

They’re sharing their story because of a new national campaign called Beyond I Do.


The campaign highlights states that are legally allowed to discriminate due to sexual orientation, for things like employment, housing and social services, like doctors visits or dining at a restaurant.

In the United States, 31 states, including Michigan, still allow for discrimination in employment, housing, and social services (like restaurants or doctors’ visits) based on sexual orientation.

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