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Volvo and London shopping center implement LGBTQ representation in family parking areas

Volvo is the latest company to show support for the LGBTQ community. The car company has teamed with London’s Westfield shopping center to highlight LGBTQ representation in family parking areas. The new parking spots feature same-sex couples with children, single parents, elderly, disabled, and nuclear families. These new spots are part of a venture for Volvo as they promote their new V60 vehicle that they are calling “The New Family Model” launching on July 9th.

via Instinct Magazine

Marketing Strategy Director of Volvo Car UK, Mike Johnstone said, “The introduction of the new V60 gives us the ideal opportunity to celebrate the modern family in all its guises. As the contemporary iteration of our mid-size family estate, the V60 perfectly reflects our human-centric approach to car design which aims to make its owners’ lives easier and safer.”

Watch this commercial that will air next week as the car is announced:

According to the advertising company Grey London, “65% of U.K. families are non-traditional. But the family iconography we see every day still doesn’t reflect this. To launch Volvo’s ultimate family car, the new V60, we wanted to represent families of all kinds. The Volvo Family Icons are a celebration of the broad spectrum of diverse families living in the UK today.”