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Outspoken Generation: Surrogacy daughters of gay dads participate in teen panel

People with LGBTQ parents have been outspoken advocates for themselves, their families, and social justice for decades. Today, people with LGBTQ parents are telling their own truths and changing the national dialogue about the joys and challenges of our families. More than ever, the intersectional voices of people with LGBTQ parents are needed to combat discrimination against families and isolation in our communities.

via Family Equality Council

These young women represented Outspoken Generation at the 2018 Men Having Babies Florida/Latin America Conference, last June. They offered their insights on what it’s like to grow-up with two dads. The panel was unique because it featured children with two dads in families formed via surrogacy.

Outspoken Generation was formed by Family Equality Council. The program strives to empower those with LGBTQ parents to speak out about our community’s families.