Preteens are increasingly identifying as LGBTQ

Most studies have shown that self-identifying as LGBTQ usually occurs during mid-adolescence, but one percent of children age 9-10 identify along the LGBTQ spectrum, according to new research published in the current JAMA Pediatrics.

“This is such an important stage, biologically and socially. At 9 and 10, youth – whether through their peers, media or parents – are beginning to be exposed to more information about relationships and interacting in the world. Even about sex,” said lead author Jerel P. Calzo to Medical Xpress.

via JAMA Network

“One percent is sizable, given that they are so young,” Researcher Aaron J. Blashill said.

“For so long, social scientists have assumed that there is no point in asking kids at this age about their sexual orientation, believing they do not have the cognitive ability to understand,” he said. “This is the first study to actually ask children about their sexual orientation this young. It is important to have a baseline to understand how sexuality develops and how it may change over time.”

Pictured is Josie Jay Totah, formerly known as J. J. Totah, the 17-year-old American actress who recently came out as transgender.