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Elizabeth Warren wants to give gay couples $57 million in tax refunds

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) re-introduced the Refund Equality Act in the Senate. The bill would allow same-sex couples to file joint amended tax returns to collect refunds from when they were married but before the federal government recognized those marriages.

She hopes to pay same-sex couples back for years of discriminatory taxation.

In 2004, Massachusetts became the first state to recognize marriage equality. But until the 2013 U.S. v. Windsor Supreme Court decision, the federal government did not recognize same-sex marriages, which meant that married couples had to file federal taxes as if they were single, and usually they paid more.

People can file amended tax returns for up to three years after they originally filed, but the Refund Equality Act would allow same-sex couples who were married before 2013 to file for the entire time that they were married.

via LGTBQ Nation