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Pittsburgh is reaching out to lesbian and gay travelers. City battles some misconceptions while promoting it.

ThePittsburghChannel.com is reporting that the city wants to show LGBT travelers they are welcome in the city.

So, Visit Pittsburgh is making its pitch, selling the city to us.

There’s skepticism:

I am still afraid there is a perception out there this is not the most progressive town or the most modern city, and it’s a completely wrong perception, obviously, as we all know,” said Peter Karlovich of the Delta Foundation. The Delta Foundation is active in Pittsburgh’s gay community.

Although the City’s official message is welcoming – it comes down to dollars and sense – with a dash of “us” and “them” thrown in:

“Statistics tell us there is a lot of money to be had, a lot of money to spend,” said Beverly Morrow-Jones of Visit Pittsburgh. “They like spending money and they like having a good time, and I think, just like everybody else, the gay and lesbian community wants to feel welcomed.”