Surrogacy in Australia: Gay men becoming biological dads

Our friends at Gay Dads Victoria are offering a seminar for gay men to learn about becoming biological parents via surrogacy in Australia.

Participants can learn from dads who will share their experiences and answer your questions about this growing opportunity in family-building. According to GDV, the forum is aimed at people just starting to consider surrogacy as an option – and those who have started the surrogacy journey.


  • the typical surrogacy process
  • how the laws relating to surrogacy work in the U.S., Canada, and India
  • and how to bring your newborn back to Australia

Gay Dads Australia supports gay men who are planning for parenting, or already parents. The website includes an active discussion list and calendar which keeps members informed of events. Interested men can send emails to the site asking for support and advice.

Image: Gay Dads Australia