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Can you imagine your marriage being condemned by a popular vote?

Broadway producer David Binder sent a passionate email to his friends about the results of the popular vote held Tuesday, and how negative consequences may find us deconstructing our family units. We send along his inspirational message.

Dear Friends,

Can you honestly imagine your marriage being condemned by a popular vote tomorrow? Imagine it. Imagine explaining it to your children.

But that’s exactly what’s at stake tomorrow, when California voters will decide whether to let stand the law of the land in California that affirms that all citizens must be treated equally, in all respects, including marriage under the State constitution.

Until recently, I must admit that I held the opinion that marriage wasn’t something that was particularly important to me. But as the proponents of proposition 8 have mounted their arguments as to why I should not be allowed to marry, I’ve come to realize that this is not just a fight for the right to marriage, but for the right to be seen and treated equally with all other Californians and Americans.

In my lifetime, I have never seen such an insidious attack on constitutionally granted fundamental rights than that being mounted by the proponents of Proposition 8. If they succeed their actions will eliminate existing equal protections and write discrimination against one group of people–lesbian and gay people–into the California constitution. This is simply unfair, and wrong. Most offensive has been their campaign to paint the picture that children everywhere will be harmed if the constitutional right to marry for gay men and women stands.

I somehow don’t think that the thousands of healthy, happy children of gay–or straight–couples around the state of California and across America – would see it that way. What could be more healthy than for children to know that we, all of us American citizens, believe that committed relationships are good for families, society and the state as a whole.

I encourage you to help me fight for what is fair and right. So please reach out to your friends in California, from wherever you are, and get them to VOTE NO on Proposition 8 tomorrow. Please take the time to call or write your short list today. Email everyone. Literally, every vote will matter. If you live in California, make sure you go to the polls and vote no on Proposition 8. Go here for more information: www.noonprop8.com

Many thanks,

David Binder