Florida gay couple dreams of adopting their two foster daughters

Sherri Ackerman writes a fantastic profile for The Tampa Tribune about a long term couple and their thriving foster daughters.

Sherri begins the piece: It lingers in the back of their minds while they eat supper together, get ready for school or sing at church. Even though a court order gives Curtis Watson the right to act as his daughters’ father, the mental health counselor is not legally their parent. Neither is his life partner. They can’t be because they’re gay.

Four years after a judge’s order allowed them to live with the two men indefinitely, the girls are experts at explaining their situation.

“We’re special because we have two dads,” says the eldest, a precocious fifth-grader who reluctantly allows little sister to interrupt.

“Dad and Daddy,” the dark-haired sister chirps. “Daddy is the one with hair.”

Image: News Channel 8 photo by JOHN WINTERROWD