Circle Surrogacy offers ‘Surrogate Support’

Circle Surrogacy offers ‘Surrogate Support’ to enhance the experience of surrogacy

Circle Surrogacy offers a new program “dedicated to the emotional, psychological and relational aspects of surrogacy”. According to Circle’s website, Surrogate Support provides a variety of services to enhance the experience of surrogacy, helping to make it as stress-free and joyful as possible. Among the features of the new project are:

Circle’s Surrogate Support team [Rachel, Bridget, Barbara, Nancy, Jennifer, Katherine and Minette] offers new articles and personal stories about the surrogacy experience. The team also answers frequently asked questions about the screening and matching process, and keeps an updated record of surrogate pregnancies and deliveries.

Image: Rottem, born in January ’09 to an Israeli couple from Circle Surrogacy’s program