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Diaper bags for dads. Be a responsible father and accessorize with a new manbag

Mass media continues to target hands-on heterosexual dads. CBS News calls them “hip”. Advertising Age says they’re “modern”.

They want to sell handbags to dads. I’ll buy. Actually, I already have.

Ad Age has taken notice of the dad’s brotherhood in a recent issue. The marketer’s authority published a recent story positioned for straight dads. It compares modern fatherhood to the modern motherhood of 30 years ago. You see, back then it was the moms who did all the work, and full-time gay dads were only wishful thinking for many of us.

Recently, the Early Show ran a product segment on diaper bags designed for manly dads. It was also produced for the women-who-buy-things-for-their-men, but we gay guys can get information from almost any shopping segment on television.

Among the bags mentioned:

  • Diaper Dude – I bought this one. It comes complete with padded changing pad, and a removable cell phone holder.
  • Mr.B Family Bags – The designer/dad is featured as this month’s “Smart Cookie – Fathers of Invention,” in the September issue of Cookie magazine.

Hip, modern, gay and straight. We all love a good shoulder-bag.