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Republican with 2 moms!

A Republican activist who believes in family values and his lesbian mothers’ right to marry

CNN.com offers insightful profiles of people who happen to have lesbian or gay parents. In an article titled, “‘Gayby boom’: Children of gay couples speak out“, writer John Blake explores lives of some ‘gayby boom’ children.

Jesse Levey has lesbian moms and he’s a Republican. According to Blake, Levey “embraces the conservative notion of individual freedom. He became a Republican at 12. Once, he sought permission for his middle school class to listen to Rush Limbaugh (he says he no longer listens to Limbaugh).”

Levey says, “The conservative argument for family values is that we should be in married couples; I agree. If we want to see children raised by married couples, then we should let gay people get married.”

Levey sees his parents striving for something that’s a very conservative virtue – a loving family.

“I believe in family values, but family is about taking care of your children and respecting one another,” he says. “It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is.”