Rights-information campaign created for GLBT citizens in Colorado

The Denver Post makes note of a marketing campaign designed to educate Colorado’s GLBT population regarding new civil rights protections in the state.

A team of cartoon super characters has been created by a marketing group to help promote awareness of the laws protecting equality. The campaign was launched last week by the GLBT Community Center of Colorado. It was designed to educate everyone, and initially it will focus on building awareness of rights, said Heather Draper, a spokeswoman for the GLBT Community Center of Colorado.

“It’s a public-education campaign for our own community,” Draper said.

The Post says the effort eventually could be broadened to target employers, landlords and other groups affected by the laws.

Check-out therightsfive.com for more information.

Landmark beneficiary decision for Colorado gay families

Unmarried couples have new rights in Colorado. All unmarried couples can enter into what is called “designated beneficiary agreement” allowing them many of the rights given to legal husbands and wives that surround financial and emergency medical decisions.

ProudParenting blogger – Todduscraig [pictured] – reports on benefits for unmarried or same sex couples in his home state of Colorado.

His latest post:

Thanks to our legislature and governor, we can now receive a number of important rights to grant to the person of our choice including:

  • property transfer
  • designated beneficiary for life insurance, trusts, pension plans, and retirement plans
  • hospital visitation
  • medical decisions
  • organ donations
  • workman’s comp benefits

Todduscraig recommends this for all people in Colorado. He says, “Go to designatedbeneficiaries.org, print out the form, get it signed and notarized, and then file it with the county clerk and recorder’s office.

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