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High school students participate in video chat on marriage equality

Ten U.S. high schools participated in a 90-minute special deliberation on the subject of marriage equality at the National Constitution Center. A video link connected students from schools across the country so they could discuss the topic.

Lower Moreland, Pa. high school junior Elizabeth Sklar says preparing for this event was just as much fun as participating in it:

“It was really interesting to talk to people and hear their opinions, and we talked about a lot of issues that come up from this one discussion that you wouldn’t expect to arise. For example polygamy, and we had a 20 minute discussion as to whether we should legalize polygamy.”

Greg Pezza is Elizabeth’s social studies teacher. He says this experience taught his students valuable lessons they couldn’t learn by reading a textbook:

“The fact that these students get to see the perspective of students from rural areas inner city areas, California to Pennsylvania. It’s a really great experience for them.”

10-15 students participated at each of the following schools:

Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School – Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM
Denbigh High School – Newport News, VA
Menifee County High School – Frenchburg, KY
Middletown Area High School – Middletown, PA
R.A. Millikan High School – Long Beach, CA
Science & Leadership Academy – Philadelphia, PA
Spring Grove High School – Spring Grove, PA
Springfield High School – Springfield, PA
Wakefield High School – Arlington, VA