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Read a Good Book: “My Princess Boy”

My Princess Boy” – self-published by Cheryl Kilodavis – has received positive reaction from educators, parents of like-minded boys and members of the gay community.

The book is about the sometimes cruel reaction 5-year-old Dyson faces when he wears sparkly frocks, twirly skirts and jewelry. The boys mom – and also the author – has shared it with his school and hopes it will be used as a tool for teachers, day care centers, summer camps and afterschool programs to address bullying and promote tolerance.

Kilodavis acknowledges her initial discomfort when her youngest son’s “unique eye for everything beautiful,” especially things pink and glam, surfaced at a tender age at home, and a few months later more publicly when he ran into her arms at day care pickup one afternoon dressed in a red sequin dress and pink high heels.

(via AP)