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What should we expect from our first visit to a fertility doctor? Ask Dr. Doyle

QUESTION: “We’re beginning to get our personal information (medical records, etc.) collected in order to start meeting with fertility doctors. What should we bring with us to the appointment, and what should we expect from our first visit to a fertility doctor/group?”

DR. DOYLE: Your first visit really should be about expressing your goals and expectations, getting a good feeling for your doctor and the clinic in general, and deciding which approach is right for you. Your past and current health history is certainly important so you should be prepared to talk about that. Your doctor will likely evaluate what (if any) fertility risk factors exist and then schedule whatever testing is appropriate. If you know of something that is definitely relevant (for example, prior surgeries or recently abnormal test results) then by all means bring those records but you definitely don’t need to brig in your entire health file. Read more.

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