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Syracuse University groups sign cyberbullying resolution

Responding to the dangers of digital harassment, Syracuse University Student Association President Neal Casey signed a resolution that urges administrators to revise the Student Code of Conduct. The Students Against Cyberbullying resolution calls for the university to explicitly mention cyberbullying as a type of harassment in the Code of Conduct. The resolution also denotes the need for campus-wide education about the prevalence and negative effects of cyberbullying.

During the past two months, SA worked with the Residence Hall Association, Pride Union and the Pan-Hellenic Council to draft the resolution. The presidents of the three collaborating organizations signed the bill. The Daily Orange reports SU administrators are in full support of the resolution, and revisions to the Code of Conduct are already in the works, Casey said.

Looking forward, the task of educating and uniting the student population against cyberbullying falls to student leaders, he said. “Members of student organizations are very engaged students, and we have the opportunity to reach them easily,” Casey said. “We need to stand up as a generation and say, ‘No, this will not be tolerated on our campus anymore.'”

[via The Daily Orange]