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Illinois lesbian and gay students elected Homecoming Royalty

Defying the stereotype of a Homecoming king and queen neither student describe themselves as popular, but rather likable students with a lot of supportive friends.

“Ariana and I are both out and open about our sexuality,” Eric said. “Our attitude is we are who we are and if that bothers people, that’s OK, but we have so many friends who accept us for who we are.”

Nicholas Alajakis, the parental and public information officer for Waukegan Public Schools, explained that the homecoming king and queen are chosen strictly by the number of student votes they receive, with the provision that they are in good academic and behavioral standing.

When asked what it says about the students voting a gay and lesbian classmate as their Homecoming king and queen, Steven Hamlin, director of Waukegan High School’s Washington campus, said the question is something adults are more likely to contemplate than teenagers.

via Sun-Times