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Save the Date: National Pride March in D.C. – June 11th

Plans for a National Pride March are forming on Facebook. David Bruinooge, a gay activist in Brooklyn, has announced plans for the National Pride March, as an “all-inclusive and peaceful event.”

The March will be held at the nation’s capital on June 11 – to coincide with D.C. Pride.

Bruinooge announced the plan on Facebook and created an event page for those interested in keeping up with the protest’s progress.

We urge all supporters, friends, and family to descend on DC for the Pride 2017 weekend (June 8-11th) to make sure our voices are heard.”

Ryan Bos, executive director of the Capital Pride Alliance, which organizes the D.C. Pride events, including the Pride Parade set to take place on June 10, said he has spoken with Bruinooge and expects that Capital Pride officials will collaborate with the march organizers so the march and the D.C. Pride events will complement each other.

via Washington Blade