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Gay and lesbian travel to British Columbia will remain strong despite California marriage decision

The Vancouver Sun is reporting on the ripple effect of California’s monumental marriage decision. How will it affect travel to British Columbia? Lesbian and gay couples have been visiting B.C. in large numbers for about 5 years, to get married there.

The Sun reports: “Tourism Vancouver representative Dayna Miller said Vancouver is considered a very attractive destination for gay travelers for many reasons, not just because Canada has allowed same-sex marriages since 2003.

“This decision could have an impact but it won’t be huge,” she said in an interview. “Gay travelers have a lot of compelling reasons to come to Vancouver – first and foremost because it’s an attractive destination. Marriage is certainly a key selling feature but it’s not the only reason to come.”

At least one travel coordinator agrees. An agent who specializes in marketing Vancouver to gay travelers believes marriage equality in California “won’t have a dramatic impact on the city’s appeal to the international gay community”.