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Sales of the novel “Delivering Hope” will support the National Council For Adoption

To help raise awareness about adoption, and to support the National Council For Adoption’s (NCFA) “The Hope Challenge”, author Jennifer Ann Holt announces that for every paperback copy of her novel Delivering Hope that sells during the month of November, $2.50 will be donated to “The Hope Challenge”.

Combined with the William E. Simon Foundation’s challenge grant which was awarded to NCFA, this will equate to $5 for every book sold during November going to the fundraising effort that will support NCFA’s 2012-2013 iChooseAdoption project, which aims to reach young women facing unintended pregnancy with the positive option of adoption. Funds can also be used to support NCFA’s foster care and intercountry adoption programs.

“We are so excited about this partnership!” says Lauren M. Koch, Director of Development and Communications of NCFA. “Delivering Hope is a beautiful story of the power of love in adoption. We are so grateful for folks like Jennifer who support our efforts to raise awareness about the positive option of adoption.”

The $2.50/book donation will include donations from Holt, Cedar Fort, Inc. (Delivering Hope’s publisher, www.cedarfort.com), and Cargill Cares – the charitable giving division of Cargill (www.cargill.com). “I’m really happy about the level of support I’ve received from my publisher Cedar Fort, and my husband’s employer, Cargill Animal Nutrition, with this project,” says Holt. “Adoption is very near to my heart.” Two of Holt’s three children joined her family through adoption.

Delivering Hope is a story about infertility and adoption, heartache and healing, and the power of love to provide hope in the midst of trials. “I can’t think of a better cause to support with the sales of this book than The Hope Challenge,” concludes Holt. “If we make a difference in the life of one woman or one child or one family, then it was worth it.”

Delivering Hope is available at DeliveringHopeTheBook.com and where books are sold.